Zeeshan Shabbir (CEO)

Zee oversees the Stockstelegraph as Chief Innovation Officer and Head of Data Science. Zee is an entrepreneur and finance blogger with over a decade of experience under his belt. With a strong background, both academically and on-field, he was the one to come up with the idea of setting up a Financial news blog. Zee also helped create a home food delivery App Plate101 and headed the firm to one of the most dynamic and successful startups in the country. Having stepped down from the role as CEO of Plate101, Zee not only wanted to share his insight and expertise, but he also wanted to get other experts to weigh in to provide the reader with a distinct and unbiased opinion.

Hasnain Raza Khan (Head of HR)

Hasnain is an integral part of Zeeshan’s team. After doing his first degree in Marketing and Finance, he completed a Masters in Human Resource Management from the University of Sunderland in the UK. His engaging personality and ability to motivate others make him a great leader. Expert in global stock markets, Hasnain is a regular contributor on Stocks Telegraph and various other publications, well-versed in using his extensive knowledge to bolster the chances of investors to profit from their investments. In addition, he heads the company’s Human Resources department.

Asif Nazir

Asif Nazir is a CFO of the Stocks Telegraph. For much of his professional career, Asif has worked in the Financial markets and private equity, including saving, blogging, training, and money management. Asif has been instrumental in investor training. He has a degree in Corporate Law and Economics. Aside from his natural-born trading abilities, Asif has the additional skill of becoming a natural-born trainer and mentor. He is eager to show this ability at StocksTelegraph.com.

Naeem Awan (Editor in Chief)

Naeem is the spine of this team, He is a Chief Content Officer. He did his Master’s degree in Finance after completing his post-graduation in computer studies. He is a wizard with exceptional analytical and research skills. His knowledge on the technical side, along with a knack for putting his research into words, is extraordinary. Before joining this team, Naeem has published his articles in several business journals over the last 12 years. As a co-founder of Stockstelegraph.com, Naeem oversees the technical aspects of the platform as well as the research and development section.

Irfan Tahir

Irfan is another missing piece in the jigsaw puzzle. He is a COO at stocks Telegraph having a decade long experience in the financial and services industry. Irfan started his career as a researcher, and has contributed to many different platforms over the years. Irfan’s portfolio is also characterized by his ability to foresee market fluctuations . Investors specially is crypto currency are eager to take advantage of his unwavering convictions to make smart investments.