Nexters Inc. (GDEV) stock is rising to 10.46% in premarket – Recent News to know

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Nexters Inc. (GDEV) experienced an increase of 10.46% in the premarket today despite any official news revealed. However, the last trading session concluded at $6.79 with an increase of 2.88%.

Launch of Island Questaway – What’s up?

GDEV announced the launch of Island Questaway on 30th November 2021. It is a new online game that was formerly accessible on iOS and Android under the title Puzzle Island. Island Questaway is a significant addition to Nexters’ portfolio, as it allows the company to expand beyond the established mid-core investment into casual gaming. Moreover, Island Questaway represents a new, emerging form of gaming that offers the sophisticated mechanics anticipated in mid-core with the accessibility of a casual title.

The only objective is to let casual gamers experience the same level of gameplay and story that core players love. Furthermore, the developers behind Island Questaway previously worked on Nexters’ first casual game, Island Experiment. While the development team is working on a story expansion, additional gameplay elements, and live events, the current edition already has enough material and intriguing gaming mechanics.

Substantial Growth in Q3 2021 – More About it

GDEV reported third-quarter results on 17th November 2021. The company reported revenues of $115 million with 77 percent more year on year. Moreover, the net loss was $104 million, and the Adjusted Net Profit was $8 million. Furthermore, operating cash flow increased to $51 million and total cash and cash equivalents came out to be $105 million.

In addition, selling and marketing costs climbed from $11 million to $64 million. The rise was attributable to increased spending in the acquisition of new players.

Platform diversification – More About it

On 29th October 2021, GDEV reported that the company aims to provide the delight of core video games to casual gamers and has launched an online version of its Throne Rush game in order to expand its platforms. Nexters’ PC games had significant growth in the first half of 2021. The company’s desktop bookings, which also include social and web console games, have increased by 91% year over year. Furthermore, the company’s desktop bookings now account for 33% of all bookings, resulting in a 3% decrease in blended platform commission. 

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