Rising Biosciences (RBII) Has Potential – But Change Is Needed

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Rising Biosciences Inc (RBII) closed the last session at $0.0007 after seeing a change of 6900.00%. The stock traded 1.28M shares recently, less than its average daily volume of 1.80M. In addition, the shares have been trading in a range of $0.0007 to $0.0008. 

RBII Most Recent Updates

They released no recent update about the company. I published the last news regarding RBII on August 17, 2021, about that the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) statement. SEC revealed that Rising Biosciences, Inc. and its Chief Executive Officer, Arthur Hall, would be held liable for making false statements regarding alleged COVID-19 disinfectant products Rising Biosciences launched. 

In an order issued on August 25, 2020, the SEC temporarily suspended trading in the securities of RBII. SEC filed its complaint in the Northern District of Ohio, Rising Biosciences and Hall misled the public by claiming that their disinfectant products, including Oxithymol and Oxi Thyme, were CDC approved or EPA registered. 

It is alleged in the complaint that there have been no CDC approvals or EPA registrations for Oxithymol and Oxi Thyme. They also accused RBII of not using Oxithymol in its Oxi Thyme device, but instead of purchasing, re-bottling, and selling a product made by another company for the device. The product of the other RBII is an EPA-registered pesticide. According to the complaint, the product is not registered for killing viruses, and it is not listed on the EPA’s “List N” of products that meet EPA criteria for use against the virus causing COVID-19.  

In other news on April 28, 2021, RBII CEO Arthur Hall announced the acquisition of OXY THYME Southeast, Inc. in a cash and stock deal. According to Hall, Oxy THYME Southeast has been our largest independent operator. It is a great honor for RBII to have them as part of our corporate family!”

The RBII will soon be renamed Oxy Thyme North America, Inc., and Brandon Prevatt will remain as the CEO. Hall added that Brandon Prevatt opened new sales channels in many southeastern and southwestern states, as well as in Alaska. He is an expert in his field, and he is highly respected within the industry. We look forward to great things from Brandon and his role at the company as he expands the footprint into areas that aren’t currently serviced.



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