SeqLL Inc. (SQL) stock is booming in the premarket – Recent news to know!

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SeqLL Inc. (SQL) saw a push of 10.89% in the premarket. However, the last trading session closed at $2.48 with an increase of 1.22%.

Coronary Artery Disease Detection & SQL

On 27th September 2021, it was announced that in the September edition of BMC Medical Genomics, SQL’s tSMS platform was used to publish a peer-reviewed paper on a new blood-based RNA Sequencing approach to diagnose Coronary Artery Disease (CAD). Furthermore, coronary angiography is a type of imaging that detects reduced blood flow in the heart’s main arteries. The experts will use it to diagnose CAD.

Despite clinical signs, up to 40% of the 1 million cardiac catheterizations conducted in the United States result in a “no blockage” test. Moreover, Dr. McCaffrey’s research employed a cutting-edge sequencing technology. Lastly, this will help find an RNA signature in the entire blood of CAD patients who had acquired diagnoses via angiographies.

Now what?

Autoimmunity may play a substantial role in CAD. Based on the gene expression pattern in the findings, it appears that the patient’s immune system becomes overwhelmed, resulting in an inappropriate attack on their own arteries.”

This immunological relationship also extends to COVID-19 since patients have reported cardiac problems after contracting the virus. Last but not least, the findings surpassed the standard clinical prediction model for coronary artery disease and blood testing.

Publication of a New Single-Cell Epitranscriptomic Method – What’s it?

On 23rd September 2021, it was announced that in the August edition of Cell Report Methods, SQL’s platform was used to publish a new microscopy-based epitranscriptomic approach. SQL seems pleased with this team’s efforts and looks forward to the future work that this system will enable.

Moreover, researchers will be able to offer insights into complicated biological processes beyond what existing approaches can show by using this epitranscriptomic method to characterize single cells. SQL is looking forward to making a lot of fresh discoveries on this new platform.

About SQL

Firstly, SQL is a biological sciences instruments and research services firm in the early stages of development. Secondly, it focuses on the creation of scientific assets and innovative property rights in a variety of “omics” domains. Thirdly, SQL plans to use its expert knowledge in True Single Molecule Sequencing technology. Lastly, this helps researchers and practitioners make significant contributions to science and technology.

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