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SwissBorg – The next generation blockchain wealth management 

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SwissBorg is a cryptocurrency that powers the SwissBorg ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token – based on the blockchain of Ethereum. Operating with the ticker CHSB, it is a multi-utility token and opens up a range of features in the SwissBorg ecosystem to users. Being a utility token, it is used to fund the development of the ecosystem as well as allow users to take part in the development and benefit from rewards. 

What is the SwissBorg ecosystem? 

SwissBorg has been regarded as the next generation of blockchain wealth management. It is a cryptofinance ecosystem based in Switzerland which ensures 100% transparency by employing algorithms. The goal of the SwissBorg ecosystem is to create a decentralized and democratic financial ecosystem for the management of cryptocurrency portfolios. 

The combination of wealth management with the blockchain technology, mainly smart contracts, is an interesting proposition and can also be considered as the need of the hour as the cryptocurrency market gains popularity. Currently, the platform offers crypto asset portfolios, cryptocurrency fund management while a payment solution is in the works. The major product of the platform is the SwissBorg application which facilitates the buy and sell of digital assets. The application employs AI-powered analysis and portfolio analytics to enable users to make smart investment decisions. 

The SwissBorg platform is growing fast. The platform now has 475,000 active and verified users. The development team is highly active and various activities are always going on in the platform to boost engagement and facilitate growth. 

The CHSB token

The SwissBorg token has multiple uses. It has yield program which allows users to earn rewards by holding the cryptocurrency. Users have to put their tokens in a yield wallet to be eligible for rewards. Holders can earn a passive income by utilizing the cryptocurrency so. The CHSB token also have a Community Index which determines the yield earned by users. The Index is a composition of factors like the price of CSHB, social media engagement, level of activity on the app etc. which is used to measure the health of the ecosystem. An important part of the ecosystem is the Protect and Burn mechanism which ensures higher demand and lesser supply; hence, a higher price of the token. 

The CHSB token currently trades hands at $0.70. The SwissBorg token established an all-time high of $1.65 during the peak of the 2021 bull run. CHSB token is moving downhill with a 2% decrease in the daily timeframe. 

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