The ecosystem of Coin (CRO)

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WhatsApp Coin powers the blockchain Chain which is developed by – a payment, trading and financial services company. CRO is the thirty-eight largest cryptocurrency in the market with a market capitalization of $4.02 billion. 

What is is a whole ecosystem of financial services. For simplification purposes, it can be thought of as similar to Binance. has an exchange, which is powered by the blockchain and the blockchain also has a native token. is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. The exchange offers high security as well as its own wallet. stands next to Coinbase in competition with some features giving it an advantage over Coinbase. is cheaper in comparison and also offers other services like its CRO coin. 

The exchange also has a blockchain called Chain. The chain powers the exchange as well as the digital payment system supported by the wallet. The blockchain of Coin employs a Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism which is known for its exceptional performance and flexibility.

What is the future of CRO? Coin has benefitted a lot from the bull run. The cryptocurrency started off the year from a price level of $0.058. the bullish momentum of the crypto market resulted in CRO recording a new all-time high at $0.271. The price of Coin has fallen by more than 40% from its ATH. At the time of writing, CRO stands at a price level of $0.159. the cryptocurrency has started recovering since the market crash. CRO is trending upwards with the price parameters confirming an uptrend. In the daily timeframe, the price of the cryptocurrency has increased by more than 1% while the trading volume has increased by 5%. The price is oscillating heavily but within the uptrend. 

Wallet Investor expects the price of Coin to continue an upward trajectory. Per their projections, the cryptocurrency is expected to be operating at a price level of $0.22 while the five-year projection places CRO at $0.468. Digital Coin Price is also suggesting a bullish future outlook. Per their estimates, CRO will be at $0.24 in 2022. 

As the cryptocurrency market is considered to be highly speculative, a rule of thumb for identifying a good project is its underlying technology. Since CRO coin is powering Chain, its future outlook is bright. The development team is also highly active. Recently, a parallel chain of Chain Cronos announced to integrate a cross-chain oracle network. The oracle Band Protocol is expected to boost the DeFi space on the network.   

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