The Futility of NoHo, DRNK’s Fundamentals

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NoHo Inc. (DRNK) closed the last session at $0.0013 after seeing a rise of 8.33% that brought its market cap to -$. The stock traded 35.27M shares recently, less than its average daily volume of 252.19M. In addition, the shares have been trading in a range of $0.0011 to $0.0013.

 Most recent happening:

NOHO, Inc. (OTC PINK: DRNK), a Wyoming corporation, announced the following on October 13, 2021:

Las Vegas-based gaming influencer D Lucky has signed a product development agreement with the DRNK. Known as DLuckySlots on Instagram, he commands an audience of 4.1M followers and growing, which focuses on strategies to gain advantages when playing casino slot machines. The company website states:

After setting numerous records for consistent payouts in Casino Slot Play, D LUCKY is considered one of the most elite slot machine players in the world. Since D LUCKY brings his expertise and knowledge to the public, it will make it easier for anybody interested in playing slot machines to earn a living off of the most successful slot players in the world.

As part of the agreement, NOHO (DRNK) is required to create a drinkable additive to boost energy and focus during long sessions with slot machines. In addition to being soluble, this product will provide specific cognitive benefits as a result of its formulation. It can be added to existing beverages in order to enhance the flavor as well as enhance cognitive performance.  As part of the previously announced rollout strategy between Las Vegas and New York, this relationship will also enable DRNK to establish a presence in Las Vegas.

As part of the development agreement, D Lucky is considering the possibility of making gummy products under the D Lucky brand, while NOHO provides nootropic formulas to his over four million followers. Sibannac, Inc. (OTC Pink: SNNC) will manufacture the gummy products in its FDA-registered facility in Scottsdale.

Furthermore, DRNK’s new product line includes the After Shot as well as new products that use Hydro-Nano technology and should be available soon.


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