Verasity (VRA) – Changing the Media Industry

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Verasity vra is a fast-growing cryptocurrency firm with interests in esports video games and advertising. It just received a US patent for its own technology, which helps to eliminate ad fraud, and it already has a number of revenue-generating products.

Verasity’s goal is to increase video publisher engagement and ad revenue on any video platform by utilizing its patented technology. The player and ad stack were rewarded using proof of view, a patented protocol layer on the blockchain that only the protocol of values pov is accessible layer has created a patented blockchain system.VRA has the following products:

  • Proof of View
  • Proprietary Video Player
  • Proprietary Adstack
  • NFTs Content as well as Protocol Layer to guarantee the NFT chain of authenticity
  • PoV is the only Protocol Layer Patented technology for the blockchain
  • VeraWallet – Payment System for Product Layers.

How VRA Protect Scams

Proof of View applied to NFTs will aid in the prevention of some of today’s NFT fraud. Many published artists are hesitant to go into crypto until NFTs have been demonstrated to be fraud-free and secure, and the NFT has seen a 70% decline in sales as a result. Verasity (VRA) will correct the authentication of the chain of ownership and, as a result, put content providers and NFT buyers at ease.

A major patent in video monetization is the Proof of View patent. Verasity (VRA) is also using it to get into a larger consumer market through NFT digital collectibles, which is a developing niche.

Use Cases of VRA

Users must purchase credits from VRA via Pay to Play or subscription membership packages in order to access casual games and Esports. Advertisers also purchase the VRA token in order to engage and reward viewers. Through the Staking scheme, the Verasity (VRA) economy offers incentives to hold VRA while simultaneously raising demand for the utility. Viewers can be awarded with VRA tokens for watching videos on a publisher’s website. Viewers may swap VRA for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin on a variety of exchanges. Verasity makes money from the Esports Fight Club’s pay-to-play and subscription membership packages. Verasity (VRA) makes money from the adverts it publishes. Verasity also makes money through transactional fees collected for using its network by way of withdrawal costs

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