What is Request and how does it work? 

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With the world moving towards digitization, it is only a matter of time when all transactions will occur virtually. Digital currencies and platforms, like AliPay in China, have been increasing in popularity. However, blockchain technology presents a newer and more interesting alternative to traditional digital currencies. Cryptocurrencies utilize cryptography, which ensures transparency, security while solving the problems of counterfeiting and double-spending. With blockchain technology becoming widely adopted, the crypto market has become a race with new projects flooding in every day. In this guide, we will discuss Request – a platform meant to alter the face of the global financial ecosystem. 

What is a Request? 

Request is a payment system based on Ethereum’s blockchain; hence, benefitting from the security and technological advancements of the queen of the market while adding on key functionalities of its own as well. The network is designed to facilitate payments in a safe and secure manner. 

Through blockchain technology, the network removes the need for a third party to be involved in the payment system. Intermediaries make the process costly and inefficient. Utilizing the Request network for sending or receiving payments is an easy and cost-effective method. 

The platform is named so because the internal processes work through requests. In order to transfer money, the payer has to initiate a request through the network. The request must contain the amount, address of payee, and any other terms deemed suitable for business transactions. The network records each step of the process and then delivers the request to the payee. As all the steps of each transaction are recorded on the network, it ensures security. 

What can make REQ token skyrocket? 

Moreover, the platform is not just geared towards cryptocurrencies, rather, it can work with any currency available. This may make this cryptocurrency a community favorite because it is an all-in-one payment system. Another thing that sets apart the network from others is its compliance. Cryptocurrencies usually operate in the regulatory grey but Request is compliant with the regulatory framework of almost every country. 

The September review shows phenomenal growth in the network. The cumulative amount has reached $141 million while the newly registered businesses have increased by 24% in the past month. Moreover, around 930 invoices have been issued. 

Wallet Investor estimates the cryptocurrency to reach $0.328 in a year’s time, while the five-year prediction places it at $0.899. Digital Coin Price has similar projections for Request. Per their projections, the year-end price is at $0.35 and the price of 2026 is at $0.869. 

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