Why Is HPIL Stock Increasing Today?

Shares of HPIL Holding (OTCPink: HPIL) are up nearly 5% in early trades today buoying at $0.0024. In Friday’s trading, HPIL stock gained 27.78 percent to close at $0.0023. HPIL stock exchanged hands in a day range of $0.0024 to $0.0017.

Over the last 12 months, the HPIL stock has experienced a 2200.00% increase in price, reaching a high of $0.0038 with a $20.56M market cap. As a result of the name change approval from FINRA, HPIL stock jumped.

Why name change?

HPIL focuses on investing in public and private enterprises in various business segments in the U.S. and abroad. Health, energy, food, real estate, communications, arts, and culture are among HPIL’s plans for investment. In addition to acquiring intellectual property and technologies, HPIL stock intends to invest in the healthcare and environmental quality sectors.

According to an announcement made on Friday, FINRA has approved the name change of HPIL to Cybernetic Technologies Ltd.

In an effort to further squash any misconceptions and rumors, HPIL stock will host a Q & A session on the 28th, according to Stephen Brown, CEO.

Impact of name change:

  • HPIL’s digital transformation plans a futuristic world where Cybernetic Technologies can be viewed as capturing the human element.
  • HPIL will be advanced by a futuristic mind, advocating and predicting human enhancement through a philosophical movement.
  • In order to accomplish that, HPIL will be developing advanced and widely accessible technologies that will greatly improve longevity, mood, and cognitive abilities.

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