Best Penny Stocks to Buy right now

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Penny stocks are considered to be volatile. But with risks, there are opportunities that you can maximize. There’s a lot of speculation in the market around penny stocks. In the second half of 2021, we could see exciting things that could create potential upside among various penny stocks. Therefore, it is important to look at the best penny stocks to buy right now.

What image do you have of a penny stock? Penny stocks are defined under the $5 price mark. But most of the companies are far below that threshold, which we often call the true penny stocks, and these are the shares of the companies trading below $1.

The most important thing to keep in mind while trading penny stock is the trading volume. Obviously, other factors matter too, but the initial analysis should be the trends of these stocks.

Why should you buy penny stocks? One of the significant reasons for trading penny stocks is capitalizing on small moves in price. For instance, a 10-cent move can mean 10% or more from these cheap stocks. Here’s a list of the best penny stocks to buy right now:

BEST Inc. 

The first one from the list of the best penny stocks to buy right now is BEST Inc. (BEST) is undoubtedly one of the best penny stocks on the stock market at the moment. If we look at the trend this year, the Chinese-based stock has had a good year. But what is driving the stock?

The first and foremost news in the market has been its upcoming earnings. After mixed quarter outcomes in the last quarter, the Company presented an upbeat outlook for the rest of 2021.

Specifically, CEO Johnny Chou mentioned that the key highlight had been BEST’s global business continued its growth momentum. The parcel volume in Southeast Asia increased by 140.7% year-over-year in the second quarter of 2021.

He further added that the industry regulatory environment is supportive, which makes things move smoothly. Also, the continued strong e-commerce growth is another aspect that puts BEST in a perfect position. The Company expects to deliver improved operating and financial results in the coming quarters. If this is the case, which it seems to be, BEST stock can give you good returns in the short term.

BEST is known for its supply chain and logistics technology solutions in China. With almost a month left in the next round of earnings reports, there’s much to ponder.

United States Antimony Corporation 

The second one from the list of the best penny stocks to buy right now is UAMY. United States Antimony Corporation (UAMY) is a promising penny stock that belongs to the natural resource industry. The Company is famous for mining, milling, smelting, selling, and transporting precious metals and antimony products.

UAMY has often been on the list of E.V. penny stocks because the raw material it produces is also used in batteries.
However, what makes U.S. Antimony top second on our list? Well, the Company, as well as the stock, has excellent potential in the long term.

There is no leading source of antimony in the United States, which opens a wide opportunity for UAMY. If we look across the rest of the world, China, Russia, and Tajikistan control the global antimony market. This means that they supply over 90% of the global production.

In this intense competition, U.S. Antimony has created opportunities for itself. Its recent collaborations with companies like Perpetua Resources are a great example of how UAMY is pushing to expand its footprint.
Earlier in 2021, the Company announced that in agreement with Perpetua, they would examine the feasibility of processing Perpetua Resources antimony concentrates at facilities owned by UAMY.

In response, the CEO of Perpetua Resources commented that the U.S. lacks the minerals and materials and the possible solutions to these problems. Therefore, both the companies can focus on re-establishing domestic antimony production and protecting America’s energy, technology, and defense future. With UAMY stock trading under $1, it seems to be a perfect stock for the long term.

Verb Technology Company

Verb Technology Company (VERB) is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications platform development company. There is quite a bit going around VERB.

On July 23, 2021, the investment advisory Alliance Global Partners reiterated a Buy rating on VERB stock and raised the price target from $2.75 to $4. The reason for upgrading the price target was that VERB was passed a development stage and entering monetization.

However, since the raised price target, the penny stock has plunged, which somehow puts it in a good position to buy and hold. There are few reasons to back that. A couple of months ago, VERB, in collaboration with Microsoft’s Global Partner Solutions’ U.S. Technical Team, created a new product named verbMAIL for Microsoft Outlook.

The CEO of VERB mentioned that verbMAIL could be one of the Company’s biggest value creators, including its Livestream eCommerce solution. VERB believes that verbMAIL can drive revenue in the future.

Apart from that, there’s a lot of speculation around VERB’s upcoming event on October 7. The Company will arrange its first technology showcase event called verbLIT. This will be the first of its kind show that will explore VERB’s latest sales technology.Therefore, we could see VERB stock to head for $4.

OpGen Inc. 

OpGen Inc. (OPNG) looks promising, and we can see how the Company has done in its research projects. OpGen is a precision medicine company and has a solid stock with an upside. Moreover, OPGN stock can give you both short- and long-term options.

Earlier this month, OpGen announced positive data from its clinical study using its Unyvero HPN panel. Recently, the Company announced that it had initiated the clinical trial for its Unyvero Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) Panel.

OpGen is working on two key Unyvero panels. The Unyvero HPN panel has already shown positive results and reduced the use of inappropriate antibiotic therapy in suspected pneumonia patients by 45.1%. This is one of the most significant achievements of the Company it has reported since May.

Now, another critical assessment awaits OpGen. The Company will run a multicenter UTI panel trial that will be conducted among 1,500 U.S. patients. The UTI panel tests for a broad range of pathogens and antimicrobial resistance markers directly from native urine specimens. Let’s see how the initial data from UTI trails come out. Still, it’s a big move ahead for the Company.

While the Unyvero HPN panel news has helped the OPGN stock substantially, we can anticipate good things shortly.

There’s another interesting news surfacing in the market. According to multiple sources, COO Johannes Bacher and CEO Oliver Schacht picked up $15,000+ in OPGN stock. With solid progress and optimism from management, this has become one of the penny stocks to watch during the second half of the year so far.

Farmmi, Inc.

There’s a lot of good news coming from Farmmi (FAMI). Farmmi is a cheap penny stock that is currently trading just under half a cent. The Company focuses on retail product sales, particularly mushrooms. To be more specific, Farmmi sells consumer-grade mushrooms, supplying its agricultural products to China.

In the past few weeks, FAMI stock hasn’t been that amusing. However, the recent happening keeps FAMI in a good position. The Company won multi-product sales deal to export to Israel. This deal came right after the Company secured an order for export to Southwest Asia earlier in September.

The CEO of the Company, Yefang Zhang, has said that they continue executing their business and driving growth at existing and new customers. Farmmi profits from high demand in traditional geographies, including China, while developing new markets, including Israel. Moreover, they are strengthening their financial position to lay the groundwork for our future success.

On September 29, Mr. Yefang, in a CEO letter to the shareholders, stated that they are in their best financial position at the moment. Farmmi’s capital raises in 2021 have provided the momentum to reach the goals they have set for the near term.

Therefore, as part of the expansion plan, Farmmi is acquiring Jiangxi Xiangbo Agriculture and Forestry Development. Further, the Company established four new subsidiaries in September. All-in-all, Farmmi is a good company with a decent penny stock, and all the current prospects favor the Company.

Penny stocks often give you opportunities to enter the market, and buying them at the lowest is the best way to go. So choose any from the list of the best penny stocks to buy right now. If you are looking for cheap penny stocks, we have got you covered. So, make sure you watch the entire video.

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