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Is Trias the future of privacy?

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There is a growing unquestionable belief in the cryptocurrency market that all transactions made through the blockchain method are secure and they ensure that the privacy of any sort of transaction is protected. But this is a fallacious way of thinking by the majority of the users or traders in the market. A comparison can be drawn to the data sent to advertising companies and the like, for deeper analysis through sophisticated methods to predict user behavior and even more sinisterly, their identities. The point that is being made here is that blockchain requires a greater proportion of security than what is assumed to be needed.  As a result, proper and appropriate tools and methods are to be used to ensure the full privacy of the user.

Intro to Trias

One such tool that has been developed is Trias (Trustworthy and Reliable Intelligent Autonomous Systems). What it does is employ a set of common privacy protection protocols based on its own innovative Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and Zero-Knowledge proof scheme. Although it may seem like a separate privacy token, in actuality, it is an underlying infrastructure that can be combined with other public chains and protocols to provide privacy functions for existing assets of different chains such as BTC ETH Polka and protect the privacy of multiple users on multiple chains.


And this is precisely the reason why TRIAS can also be seen with great potential by a plethora of investors. Currently, the value of the TRIAS token has seen a 10.13% increase in the week when its current value rests at $7.88 when at the start of the day, it was at $7.1734 and with the lowest at $7.07.  This may seem like a good position but it has dropped from $10.02 on 09/06/21. The fall had been constant till 09/08/21 at $6.9562 with the lowest it hitting at $6.5336 on 09/13/21. There are about 1,600,000 TRIAS coins in circulation at the moment with no cap on their production.

This means there is a belief in the technology being employed by TRIAS for protection where the TEE and the Zero-knowledge Proof being the main innovative components. Through the TEE, the whole network of the TRIAS coin is built to support end-to-end privacy and data ownership such as the Intel SGX which makes it capable to support new, decentralized applications and services that protect privacy. This puts the TEE as a secure location within the CPU (as that in Intel’s SGX). A comparable example would be that of a black box. As far as the Zero-proof knowledge concept is concerned, it constructs a single proof of multiple transactions that are then sent to the chain for quick verification. This can significantly improve the transaction and efficiency and the upper-level application efficiency. This is mainly due to the verification chain being a small constructed proof attached to the chain that does not require a tremendous amount to be verified.

In conclusion, the TRIAS token is not only a token but an infrastructure to ensure the privacy of cryptocurrency owners. It is an innovation to not allow cryptocurrency to fall into the same convoluted quagmire that centralized banking has fallen to.

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